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Best Place To Buy Orchid Plants Online

The orchid plants available at chain retailers are typically phalaenopsis orchids, and they tend to be available in striking colors like ice-blue, fuschia, or bright yellow to catch the eye of busy shoppers.

best place to buy orchid plants online

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If you need additional help narrowing down the best place to buy your next orchid, join our Facebook community where you can ask questions, share your experience, and get support from orchid lovers all over the world.

As orchids are mostly tropical plants and will die in a freeze, we can not ship orchids when LOW temps are at or below freezing in your area or areas between here and there. Those of you in colder climates need to order your orchids NOW, and not wait until it gets too cold. We will hold any orders that we receive that we deem too cold to ship until it is safe to ship. This may be a week or two in some areas, but may be until spring (usually late March or April) in the coldest areas.

The plants arrived safe and sound today, just as promised. They exceed my expectations - large, healthy, actively growing plants. Both the orchids and the customer service are superior to what I've received from the few other online suppliers I've tried. While I'd prefer to shop in person, geography makes that impossible. I've found no quality orchids within an hour of my location. I will definitely be ordering more orchids from Odom's!Thank you for making my day (week? Month?)

I recently visited my mother-in-law in Florida. She loves orchids. I wanted to send her an orchid as a thank you for her hospitality while I was visiting. I did an internet search and came across your company. You have so many beautiful flowers it was hard to choose from, but I finally did place an order. You then were kind enough to let me know that my choice would not be in bloom until the summer. You worked with me to find a suitable selection that would bloom now, and as luck would have it, in her color of choice of purple. She received the plant last week and sent me pictures of it in bloom this weekend. The C. lueddemanniana is absolutely stunning. My sincere thanks to you for all that you did to make this gift an outstanding success. I will definitely highly recommend your company to family and friends.

Dear Friends, I just unpacked my recent order and could hardly believe how huge the orchids plants are. What a deal! Here in the Keys I grow my orchids outside year round in the trees (except when hurricanes come). For me they are really landscape plants, so to have such strapping specimens at modest prices is fabulous. Many thanks!

\"Dear Odom's - just a note of thank you and appreciation for the lovely, healthy plants you shipped to me today. I have been doing mail order orchids for about 4 years now, and I must say that these are the happiest and healthiest plants I've received by far, and I've ordered from approx 7 different suppliers from California to Florida. My 3 plants came lovingly wrapped, free from any damage. Please share my sincere 'thank you' with anyone that selected, wrapped or shipped my plants. Keep up the great growing! Kindest Regards,\"

If you are going for best-odds, I recommend a Phalaenopsis. This is the orchid found in most grocery stores. They come in a variety of colors and the flowers can last for several months. Phals are available in both standard size or mini, and the care is about the same. Though the minis will need to be watered more frequently as their pot size is very small.

If you are not in a rush for your plant, I suggest talking to the store clerk over the floral department and asking when their orchid shipments come in. This way you will get the best selection and the healthiest plants.

If you purchase your orchid online, you will be depending on the seller to select your orchid for you. Online sellers want you to have a good experience. They know that you, the buyer, have high expectations. Most of the time when shopping online there is a place where you can comment. It is appropriate to let the seller know what you are looking for in terms of a healthy plant. When purchasing online plants I have even called and talked to the seller and asked specific questions about different plants. I have never been disappointed.

Our focus in orchid sales is on varieties you can grow outdoors in south Florida, particularly those that perform well outdoors, on trees, and in hot weather. This frequently includes orchids from the Caribbean, native orchids, and a few other hot-growing tropical species like Vandas. The plants on offer vary based on what Fairchild has in stock and what our scientists and gardeners want to focus on. Some native orchids we feature for sale include:

The best orchids to grow include those from the Caribbean, including low elevation tropical orchid species and native South Florida orchids. Vandas from Southeast Asia grow very well in South Florida, as well as Cattleya orchids from Central and South America.

Orchids are everywhere on the planet. There are orchids that do well in Siberia! In southern Florida, such tropical plants can grow very well. But north of Okeechobee, this is not true, as the climate gets too cold for tropical plants like orchids from the tropics, and a frost or freeze will kill even the most healthy plants.

Anywhere from 2 dollars to 2 million dollars! There was one case of an orchid purchased in Japan for 2 million dollars. The price is totally based on exclusivity and rarity. This is also one of the main drivers for poaching. One of the goals of the Million Orchid Project is to destroy the black market for orchid plants that are destined for private collection. The Million Orchid Project would potentially devalue the price of black market orchids. Our goal is conservation through propagation-

There is a vast array of orchids in nature and on the market. Their plant family, called Orchidaceae, is one of the most prominent plant families on the planet, including more than 28,000 different cultivars that are part of 700 genera. Many of these cultivars are epiphytic plants, meaning they grow on other plants and absorb the needed nutrients and water from the air.

Founded in 1997, Flowers Fast is a premier online florist specializing in flowers and spa and gourmet gifts. You can ship flowers to the United States, Canada, or worldwide. They offer orchids, as well as roses, bouquets, floral arrangements, and sympathy flowers.

The orchids arrive in a compostable eco-pot so that you can display your support for nature while also honoring a loved one. With the proper care, these plants can last weeks, months, or even longer. Bouqs Co. also offers a subscription service for 30% off orchids and free monthly shipping.

In the 1950s, they began hybridizing orchids, and in the 1970s, they developed a modern seed and tissue culture laboratory. Carter & Holmes has gained worldwide recognition as a source for exceptional orchids, especially art-shade cattleyas, due to their greenhouse hybridizing program with Bill and Owen. Today, they sell orchid plants, from a variety of genera, to hobbyists regularly.

Like many of the other orchid sellers on this list, Carmel Orchids has a wide range of orchids, with the most affordable being the Dendrobium Pop Eye clones costing only $6.00 the 100 assorted plants option, which costs $365.00 and includes five orchids of 20 different varieties.

Colors, flowers, and pots may not be guaranteed on other floral sites. But when you buy orchids online with us we guarantee that the orchid color and pot you see online is what you will receive. We grow all of our flowers and they are shipped straight from the greenhouse to your home. Make sure you are purchasing orchids from a company that accurately illustrates their flowers online.

When you buy orchids online you most likely want them to arrive as soon as possible. We have an average delivery time of 3-5 business days. Shipping rates vary depending on the product you purchase so that you're never overcharged.

Our unique shipping boxes have made us pioneers in the potted floral industry. These boxes keep our plants intact and healthy through a rigorous shipping process. We have put the following best practices and methods into place to ensure a smooth shipping and delivery through small parcel channels. Make sure the company you buy orchids online from is able to meet these standards that we focus on consistently.

If you are looking to buy orchids online and want the peace of mind of ordering from a trusted provider, visit our online shop today to get started. After you receive your orchid, don't forget to leave a review to let other shoppers know what you think.

For over 30 years, we have grown and sold the widest variety of carnivorous plants in the United States. Venus flytraps, American pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, bladderworts, tropical pitcher plants and others - all commercially cultivated for either the curious beginner or the discriminating collector who wants the highest quality plants. We are closed to the public and our plants are only available online.

Phalaenopsis orchid flowers are known for their wide, flat petals; the white ones look like little moths -- hence their nickname, moth orchids. They thrive outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11. In colder climates, they grow happily as indoor plants. Their evergreen foliage makes them easy to purchase at any time of year, but buying them when they're in bloom can help you decide on a color and size that works in your home or garden. 041b061a72


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