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Where Can I Buy Office Supplies

You can never have too many business notebooks! This includes Moleskins as well as Mead notebooks for different reasons. Mead is one of the best sites to stock up on cheap office or school supplies and other essentials!

where can i buy office supplies

While these sites did not make my top list (mainly because some of them to be able to get the best deals, you need to buy in large quantities), here are some other sites that you can scour for cheap office supplies:

April 22nd is Earth Day, but at Staples, you can make eco-conscious decisions for your home and office all year. Look for the ECO-ID badge or filter by environmental factors while browsing, and visit the Staples Sustainability Center to learn more about our assortment of eco-friendly products. Earn rewards for participating in Staples In-Store Recycling Services program. Find a participating Staples Store Near You and bring in your used ink and toner cartridges, electronics, and batteries for responsible recycling.

As tax season wraps up, it's time to get your financial documents in order. Keep your financial records up to date throughout the year with the right financial software for your personal or company finances. Making sure that your office is well stocked with the necessary tax envelopes and forms to get your employees or contract workers their paperwork as soon as possible. See how Staples can help you prepare for your taxes:

Keep packing supplies ready for easy shipping. Padded envelopes and bubble mailers are perfect for shipping small, non-fragile items. Pack larger items in shipping boxes that are slightly larger than the item, and use packing peanuts, bubble roll, or other packing materials to keep objects from moving in the box during transport. Choose the right packing tape to ensure your packages will stay sealed. Staples carries clear acrylic packing tape for everyday shipping and reinforced or water activated tape for packages that require a heavier duty seal.

Manage the day-to-day office correspondence smoothly with a wide selection of business envelopes, inter-office envelopes, and catalog envelopes in the mailroom. Have finger pads and envelope moisteners on hand for speedy document collation and a quick seal. Choose security envelopes for confidential office correspondence and inter-office communications. If your office or organization sends out large mailings, consider a paper folding machine and self-sealing envelopes to increase efficiency.

Whether you work in a traditional office, from home, or anywhere in between, the right supplies and technology will keep you working efficiently no matter where you are. Update your tech with a new laptop computer or 2-in-1 tablet for work on the go. Keep important files accessible wherever you are with portable hardrives and USB flash drives that fit easily into a laptop bag. Choose a headset for virtual meetings or noise-cancelling headphones to block out unwanted sounds when working in public.

In your home office, make sure to have a comfortable set up that's built with you in mind. Select an ergonomic office chair or gaming chair, and browse our selection of sit and stand desks for a convertible work area. Add an extra computer monitor to your set up, and choose from our wide selection of mice and keyboards. And don't forget to stock up on office supplies. From notebooks and copy paper, to pens and highlighters, Staples offers flexible AutoRestock options on all the basics, so you can get supplies shipped to your door without having to remember to order.

Writing supplies - Writing utensils are the most basic and essential office supplies. Rollerball, gel and fountain pens provide a more comfortable and pleasurable writing experience when you put thoughts, ideas, messages, notes and drawings to paper. Highlighters help identify the most important parts of texts and deliver pops of color to notes, signage and office memos. Dry erase markers are the key to writing temporary notes on whiteboards, while permanent markers resist fading over time. Pencils and erasers always offer the option to correct your work.

Notebooks and notepads - Spiral notebooks, basic notepads, composition notebooks and journals are office necessities that provide a dependable writing surface for everyday use. Smart notebooks make taking notes easier than ever. Notebooks come in assorted colors, a range of sheet sizes, in multiple paper formats and a variety of other rule types.

Office basics - Office basics keep your team productive. Staples carries a wide variety of binder clips and paper clips, staplers and punches, scissors and rulers, tape and dispensers, sticky notes, as well as memo pads to keep your office buzzing.

Desk accessories - A clean desk is possible with the right office supplies which can allow you to keep your focus on the important task in front of you. Look into using desktop organizers, letter trays, wall files, file sorters, drawer organizers and other desk accessories to keep clutter at bay and invite productivity.

School supplies - Staples carries binders of all ring sizes and colors, calculators, planners, glue sticks and even computers, office chairs and other college and dorm room necessities for older students.

Other school and office necessities - Other office materials include printer paper and other stationery, office storage and organization options, arts and crafts for at home or at school, boards and easels from whiteboards to easel pads to bulletin boards, in all shapes and sizes, Staples has everything you need to stock an in-school or at-home learning space or stock the break room with office necessities.

Home office - Work-from-home essentials include a sturdy and functional desk coupled with ergonomic and long-lasting home office chair. These key items should look good and feel good in your space. Next, consider high-quality monitors and computers that have the performance for running multiple software programs simultaneously. If your home office has the space, use a dual-monitor setup for best organization and workflow. You might also need a good home and office printer with the right ink and toner and proper office equipment and storage to organize important documents and files.

College - College takes back-to-school to another level. The most important items on your list should be a functional laptop and sturdy backpack. Next, look for writing utensils that will withstand thousands of pages of notes and lined paper or notebooks to take notes in. Dorm supplies like wall hooks and hanging strips, power strips, a small office desk and good storage are also vital for adjusting to college life. Swap lunch totes for a good travel mug and invest in a coffee maker and milk frother to save money on cafe visits.

Traveler reimbursement is based on the location of the work activities and not the accommodations, unless lodging is not available at the work activity, then the agency may authorize the rate where lodging is obtained.

Staples Advantage now offers more than 3,000 environmentally friendly office products and facility supplies, including recycled paper, recycled plastic desk accessories, rechargeable batteries, refillable inkjet cartridges, remanufactured toner cartridges, and Green Seal cleaning products. On EWay, visit the Ecoffice area for a listing of all such products.

Use of this contract should be a department's first source for office supplies. In the unlikely event that desired items are not found in the online catalog (link below), please send an email describing the needed purchase to

To assist the Office of Procurement with processing your e-Procurement requisitions for office supplies from Staples more quickly, a "Price Check Only" account has been created. This will give faculty/staff access to the Staples Statewide Contract website in order to see what is available on State Contract and the actual costs of such items. PLEASE DO NOT USE STAPLES.COM WEBSITE for pricing as using this website will delay processing time for an order since the prices have to be updated to reflect state contract pricing, and for goods not on state contract included on requisition comparable substitutes must be found, and/or alternate vendors located.

Technology forms the backbone of modern-day businesses, which is why desktop accessories are a necessity. Beginning with PCs and laptops, desktop items run the full gamut of supplies that include hardware and software tools. USB power banks, mobile charging kits and wireless charging pads ensure your devices never run out of power. A wireless router is an essential device that keeps all hardware within your network connected. External hard drives, copiers, scanners and printers are technology basics that every office needs.Ergonomic furniture solutions prevent the risk of musculoskeletal disorders that result from sitting all day long in an awkward posture. Aesthetically designed office furniture enhances the look and feel of the space.

Antifatigue mats are a terrific choice for those who prefer to stand and work. They have a cushioned surface that takes the pressure off hips, feet, knees and backs while standing, offering comfort throughout the day. Specific workspaces require specialty office supplies that cater to the special needs of the staff.

We are a leading office & business products supplier to Dane County and surrounding area organizations. We are your one-stop source for everything to help your business operate efficiently and improve your bottom line. We understand that the right office supplies make every work task easier, so we've compiled the best brands and top supplies in one place to maximize productivity.

While our intentions may be good, busy lives and schedules make it far easier to prioritize convenience over supporting local businesses. By buying office supplies and other products locally, you can truly get the best return on your investment.

EZ Office Products, a leading independently owned office supply company, is proud to serve the state of Wisconsin. We deliver all of your office needs with our own trucks from Beaver Dam to Janesville and Madison to Milwaukee daily (check out the map for our current delivery area). 041b061a72


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