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Do It Yourself!! Episode 5

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Do It Yourself!! Episode 5

In a flashback we see the girl who shows up at the end of the last episode getting dressed in traditional clothing from her country, to receive important guests. Her mother seems to be disappointed in her and compares her to her older siblings who have both grown up to be dutiful and refined.

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The archangels entered New Delphi rather easily killing 8-balls left and right. Well, Gabe did most of the killing. What happened to the army he needed in order to invade? Guess if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

David made his move and swiped the truck with the C-4, only he had a change of heart. Now you've got yourself a revolution Zoe and it took David Whele to kickstart it. Claire is going to have some tough decisions to make, but Whele's got to go.

In episode 5 of Do It Yourself, Kokoro joins the club as an outside member. The members plan to make a tree house to make other people interested in joining the club. They gather the materials required for making the tree house. Kokoro has been a great help to them.

Fans of cute girls doing a variety of activities will surely enjoy this cozy, slice-of-life anime, but may not be satisfied with only one episode coming out every week. Here are some other slice-of-life anime to check out for fans of Do It Yourself!!

Charley: Of course not. You were the man they were all here for. But who were you here for? No one but yourself. They built this whole town for you, in your image, and you just stood there while they burnt it to the ground. Same thing with the Bridge, with those, with those children.

Charley: Of course I could! Have you never stopped to ask yourself how you, Emile Haddock, a civilian with no military training whatsoever, so easily caught me and locked me in that room all this time? Did it ever occur to you that I let you?

ScarecrowEpisode Number5Season1Release DateNovember 23, 2015Duration36:50 minutesEpisodesPreceded byEpisode 4: DDoSFollowed byEpisode 6: Cost-Benefit AnalysisEpisode 5: Scarecrow is the fifth episode of the Limetown podcast.

Warning, this recap and review of Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 4 will contain spoilers. So if you have not yet watched this episode on HBO Max and would like to remain in the dark, please come back at a later time. If you missed our Doom Patrol Season 3 Episode 4 recap, check it out.

This episode kicks off with Jane talking with Kay, who has decided she would like to come to the surface and take over for a while. Viewers also see Vic in a conversation with his father, letting him know that while he is upset, he does appreciate all that he has done for him, and understands why he did it.

Joan: Well, what he has is some next level sci-fi shit, Sean. You can't compare yourself to him. None of us can. But what you have is a precious gift that will guide you through this cosmogonic mess if you let it.

Sean (inner monologue): I'm sorry for getting you into trouble. Hopefully it will be history sooner than later. Until then, take care of yourself. We'll reach out once the dust has settled. Talk soonish, Sean.

David: ...that you think nobody will ever believe you... But the truth is on your side. You and Daniel can't just hide out forever... Is that how you see yourself in ten years? If you step up and face the law, you can be free... sooner than later.

David: ...that you think there's no other way out. And you're neck-deep in trouble, all right. But you and Daniel can't just hide out forever... Is that how you see yourself in... ten years? You're still young. I bet they'd be lenient if... you step up and face the law.

Hello, I'm Jeremy Collins, the director of conferences and symposia at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. This is World War II On Topic, Veteran Voices. Today's episode is a collaboration between the museum's Jenny Craig Institute for the Study of War and Democracy and the Curatorial Services Department. We are going back to May of 2021 when senior curator, Kim Guise, had a conversation with World War II veteran and concentration camp liberator, Alan Moskin. Moskin was a member of the 66th Regiment of the 71st Infantry Division, and participated in the liberation of the Gunskirchen concentration camp in May 1945. He discusses his pre-war life, wartime experiences and being a part of an innovative exhibit installation, Dimensions and Testimony, Liberator Alan Moskin, an interactive biography from USC Shoah Foundation.

But I had nightmares, that I wasn't faking it. In retrospect, I probably had what was now known as PTSD where I used to walk the streets. I remember after the war ended, I was a member of the army of occupation and walk the streets all the time, couldn't sleep. Guys told me I was screaming next to them, names of buddies, whatever. I remember sweating a lot, crying. So, I think I probably went through an episode of PTSD and fortunately I fought my way through it and, as time went on, I dissipated it. I went about my life as I got back home after the war ended.

Well, first of all, I thought that if the nerve-wracking episodes that I had when the war ended, my nightmares and scared to sleep went on for about six months, for a year. When I got back home, I went back to Syracuse studying pre-law, then went to NYU law school. And when you start getting into studying everything gradually, my mind was more concentrated on that, thankfully. And the nightmares slightly, not went away, but slightly were dissipated. And I felt that if I was going to talk about what I just talked about now, that was going to bring back the nightmares again. So it was like I took a key and I locked up that part of my brain, threw the key away and wasn't going to speak. And I figured that anybody that asked me, "What did you do in World War II?" I said, "I did my job. I fought on the battle," and I changed the subject.

Thanks for listening. We encourage you to visit for more episodes. That is Don't forget to check out the events tab on our homepage at as well, to catch some of these conversations and programs in real time. The museum is marking a special year here in New Orleans. Coming at the end of 2023, we will be unveiling our capstone addition to our campus, Liberation Pavilion. The pavilion will cover the closing months of the war and the post-war years, exploring the links between World War II and today.

JAD ABUMRAD: Terrance, do you have any way of explaining it? I mean, just to stand up there by yourself with all of those people booing and hissing you and to still be - to still have that stillness, where does that come from?

SHIMA OLIAEE: In this episode, we also featured music from "Robert Sims Sings The Spirituals Of Roland Hayes," also Tim Brooks' CD, "Black Swans" - with an S - and Bill Doggett's collection from his YouTube channel. You can find a link to all of those, as well as the other Roland Hayes songs we used, at

Derek: [33:53] Details. Our guests this episode were Lee Forester of Hope College and Bill VanPatten from Michigan State University. You can read more about both guests and their work by following the links in the show notes.

In this episode, we talk with Leora Weitzman who provides and teaches therapeutic massage at the introductory and advanced levels. She also provides massage and Reiki for small animals, mostly dogs, and sometimes assists with interspecies communication issues. To learn more about Leora you can visit her website.

In this episode, we talk with Leora Weitzman who provides and teaches therapeutic massage at the introductory and advanced levels. She also provides massage and Reiki for small animals, mostly dogs, and sometimes assists with interspecies communication issues. To learn more about Leora you can visit her website.

In this episode, Sarah and co-hosts Nadege Souvenir and Melanie Hoffert discuss the pros and cons of being a public figure on social media, the lure of connection and even the power that fashion has to start conversations.

Yeah, I feel like most of my growing up I've had some sort of social media or access like that and thinking about the way that how I've used those platforms has changed over time just in terms of not comparing yourself to others when posting. And I don't know, there was a whole time period of, I knew friends that were editing their photos to change their body and things like that. And that has a big impact on how you see yourself. So I think that it definitely has taken a toll because we have so much more access to think that everyone has a perfect life. I only post the parts of my life that are fun online. I'm not posting sad things, so I have to assume that's the same for everyone else. But it doesn't always feel like that, so.

... But that gave me confidence that I didn't know I had. So for me, I guess with Fashion Week and everything, it's like I wanted other people to feel like exploring your sense of self can be really fun and give you confidence, not the other way around where you have to wear this. And sometimes I feel bad or guilty because I'm not anti-trend, but I just feel like you should wear whatever makes you feel good. And I think sometimes it's like this is the color of the season or this is the... Who cares. So I think sometimes I probably piss people off that I'm the co-founder of Fashion Week because I think other people would maybe do it differently. It's not just about people feeling welcome, it's about people feeling celebrated. And I think it's like we don't want just to have the bare minimum of, oh this is a space where you feel welcome. You're not only feel welcome, but you're going to feel really, really cool and really great about yourself and people are going to celebrate your unique, distinct style. 041b061a72


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