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Watch Oni Chi Chi

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Watch Oni Chi Chi

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Yall keep changing the names from the perfectly good English dub versions to these crummy practically unpronounceable series of letters that no one that speaks English (which is just about everyone considering this is the English version of Wikipedia) can understand. I have got to ask, what the hell do all you extreme die-hard Dragonball fans have against the English language? I know all of you speak it perfectly fine. Why not try to type the English version of the show which most English speakers have seen? The manga also has an English version now. There is no good reason for these words to me typed in their Japanese names.When I first saw the word Jinzogen or whatever the fuck that Japanese word for Android (oh wait I'm sorry, Artificial Human) was, I did not know what the article was talking about. Why you may ask? Well being a speaker of the English language, naturally I only watched the English version of the show, mostly because I could understand and comprehend what was going on. I think it is safe to assume that the vast majority of people looking up Dragonball on this, the English version of Wikipedia are the same as me. If you want to type the Japanese names so bad, got to the Japanese version of wikipedia! The vast majority of us who most commonly know the English version of Dragonball don't know what the hell you are talking about when you type in those crazy series of letters that you call "words". Or hell, why don't you just change all the articles names to say "Dragonball Z (Japanese version)".


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