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Medico High Quality

The FAQ document consists of many questions which have been asked by applicants in the past. Please refer to this document, as it will contain many of the answers you are looking for. If you still have questions, please email us at


The world of the medico-legal expertise can be both medically beneficial to the claimant and a compelling and interesting medical exercise for the expert. A well done expertise containing accurate medical information and providing objective and clear answers to the questions asked will usually determine the correct path for an injured worker to follow post injury and by so doing, can serve as a liberating and even a therapeutic force. The art and science of medicine combine to shed light in the arena of social justice.

Cauda equina syndrome (CES) is a rare condition with a disproportionately high medico-legal profile. It occurs most frequently following a large central lumbar disc herniation, prolapse or sequestration. Review of the literature indicates that around 50-70% of patients have urinary retention (CES-R) on presentation with 30-50% having an incomplete syndrome (CES-I). The latter group, especially if the history is less than a few days, usually requires emergency MRI to confirm the diagnosis followed by prompt decompression by a suitably experienced surgeon. Every effort should be made to avoid CES-I with its more favourable prognosis becoming CES-R while under medical supervision either before or after admission to hospital. The degree of urgency of early surgery in CES-R is still not in clear focus but it cannot be doubted that earliest decompression removes the mechanical and perhaps chemical factors which are the causes of progressive neurological damage. A full explanation and consent procedure prior to surgery is essential in order to reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding and litigation in the event of a persistent neurological deficit. 041b061a72


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