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How to Download and Share AI Prime Schedules with Other Reefers

keep in mind their light placements, tank sizes, and livestocks comparative to yours when you choose them. you could download them as your own template, and decrease/increase intensities to more appropriately fit your tank.

Anyone know which signature lighting series schedule most people use on their mixed reefs? Right now I have the light schedule from Nano Karen set up. It's only been running a week so can't really tell if its good or bad right now.

how to download ai prime schedule


Other question that might be more important is if you upload a signature series lighting schedule and it runs during a time that you don't like, can you simply go into the manual settings and change the sunrise and sunset times and keep all the other settings for that program?

I kicked my blues up a few percent but thats it. I am only using a single AI prime though and he has high end hydras. I have a second AI prime waiting to be put on but I actually don't have a spot for the arm to mount to, lol, so it's waiting until I can make myself some sort of bracket to mount 2 primes to a single gooseneck.

If you downloaded it to you phone, open the app, select lighting. Then tap on the star icon, select preset, then the + sign at the top right. Navigate to where you saved the file and select it. It will then be loaded in to your saved presets. Select it from here and it will load as the current setting.

Subscribers with a Microsoft 365 license can start using basic virtual appointment capabilities today with Bookings. Get started by creating a Bookings schedule. Enhanced capabilities will become available at launch.

The Seahawks' 2023 schedule was announced on Thursday, and for the first time in franchise history, Seattle will host a game on Thanksgiving, with the 49ers coming to town for a prime-time game at Lumen Field.

That NFC West Thanksgiving showdown is one of three prime-time games on the Seahawks' schedule, along with a Thursday night game at Dallas and a Monday Night Football matchup in New York against the Giants. This will be the second time the Seahawks have played two Thursday games in one season, having also done so in 2014 when, as the defending Super Bowl champions, they hosted the NFL season-opener on a Thursday, then played on Thanksgiving later that season.

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With the league going to a 17-game schedule in 2021, conferences alternate having eight or nine home games each year, and this season the Seahawks will be home for eight games and on the road for nine, though that does mean only one road preseason game vs. two preseason games at Lumen Field.

The Seahawks host the 49ers on Thanksgiving in Week 12, Seattle's first home Thanksgiving game, and its first game on that holiday since a 2014 win over the 49ers in Santa Clara. That game kicks off what, on paper at least, looks to be the toughest part of the schedule, with the Seahawks playing at Dallas the following Thursday, then playing at San Francisco in Week 14 before hosting the Eagles in Week 15. That's four straight games against 2022 playoff teams, including the two teams that played for the NFC championship, the first of which comes on a short week.

This form is provided for your convenience in responding to filing requirements in item 2 on the application, SBA Form 5. You may use your own form if you prefer. The information contained in this schedule is a supplement to your balance sheet and should balance to the liabilities presented on that form.

To ensure that a dataset is always in sync with the data source, if desired, DataRobot provides an automated, scheduled refresh mechanism. Through the AI Catalog, users with dataset access above the consumer level can schedule snapshots at daily, weekly, monthly, and annual intervals. You can refresh any data asset type (HDFS, JDBC, Spark, and URL) except for files.

If the asset source is JDBC or HDFS, a login dialog results. Select the account credentials associated with the asset. DataRobot uses these credentials each time it runs the scheduled task. Once credentials are accepted (or if they were not required), the scheduler opens:

Pause job: Pauses the scheduled task indefinitely. When paused, the "Scheduled" label changes to "Paused" and the menu item changes to "Resume job". Use this action to re-enable the scheduled task. Paused jobs do not count against the task limits.

A centrally available register captures all identified risks where impacts can be assessed, immediately tied to schedule activities for cost and delay analysis, and ultimately mitigated to keep projects and programs on track.

Understand your schedule health on demand with leading indicators on how to improve it. Easily resource and cost load your work to visualize resource constraints or demands and manage cashflow. Put risk in the hands of every participant with a central register to identify, assess, and mitigate their impacts.

Long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial firms providing federal, state, and local government buyers access to more than 11 million commercial products and services at volume discount pricing. Also called multiple award schedule or federal supply schedules.

GOJO, a global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions and the inventors of PURELL, offers a free, downloadable and adaptable sample environmental cleaning schedule for ambulatory surgery centers.


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