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Troy Director's Cut Full Movie 21 |WORK|

Director: David FincherStarring: Sigourney Weaver, Charles Dance, Charles S. Dutton, Paul McGannTheatrical Cut: 114 minutesThe Assembly Cut: 145 minutes What's different? The Assembly Cut may be a far closer approximation of what David Fincher initially intended for his ill-fated third Alien movie, but the director's fingerprints are nowhere near it. Created for the Alien Quadrilogy box set in 1993 (and enhanced with new dialogue and colour correction for the Blu-ray in 2010), the cut adds 37 minutes of new footage and while Fincher declined to be involved, he did give the endeavour his blessing, reversing as it did some of the alterations and re-shoots that had been forced on him by the studio prior to release. The result is the most extensive alternate version of any of the Alien films, not only adding footage but rearranging existing sequences and replacing several more. In the new version, the discovery of Ripley's escape pod is entirely different; the Alien gestates inside an impregnated ox, rather than a dog; and an entire subplot is restored, in which Paul McGann's murderous Golic (who simply vanishes in the theatrical cut) assists and protects the alien, changing the death circumstances of several inmates. In addition, there's greater characterisation across the board and Ripley's death, plummeting into the furnace, is no longer sullied by the chestburster conveniently erupting from her sternum at that precise moment. Which one should I watch?Neither film can be considered a masterpiece but the Assembly Cut is a marked improvement on the version that landed in cinemas. The inmates' culture and religious beliefs are better explored, the prisoners themselves are more developed, and more coherent plotting gives the film a better structure, more substance and added suspense. Had this been the version that greeted audiences in 1992 it would still have been a pale imitation of Aliens, but a marked improvement on the film we actually got.

troy director's cut full movie 21

Director: Bryan SingerStarring: Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender Theatrical Cut: 131 minutesThe Rogue Cut: 148 minutesWhat's different?The theatrical cut of Days Of Future Past contained one notable omission: Rogue. Anna Paquin's character, who had been such an integral part of the first movie and a firm fan favourite, found her entire arc on the cutting room floor. It wasn't until the 2015 Rogue Cut that the skunk-haired mutant's storyline was restored, with Iceman, Xavier and Magneto staging a jailbreak to spring her from the former X-mansion after Kitty is injured by Wolverine. After liberating her from captivity (where Iceman meets a sticky end), Rogue then takes over from Kitty to keep Logan's consciousness in the past. In addition, we get an extra scene with Mystique, who returns to the X-mansion in the past, pretending to rekindle her love affair with Beast before taking the opportunity to destroy Cerebro.It's not difficult to see why the Rogue sequences were cut. Having the future team organise a field trip just to have Rogue take over from Kitty seems indulgent and inessential, though the new scenes do have thematic resonance. That Magneto helps lead the operation to rescue Rogue strikes a particular chord given the events of the first film, and her taking over from Kitty here has parallels with what Magneto tries to make her do in that movie. Plus the intercutting of the future break-out with past Magneto's break-in to retrieve his helmet has a nice parity, too. Both aspects serve to underscore the range of Magneto's arc during the films, his future redemption undercut by his past self choosing to go down a path that would ultimately become his fall and precipitate his future crimes. Is it essential? No. But it lends a new dimension to the film and adds more in texture than it detracts with bloated runtime.Which one should I watch?Both versions are excellent, but the Rogue Cut just about edges it.

Streaming movies and TV shows is great and all, but some of us also appreciate physical media. Whether it's to ensure you can always watch your favorite films, or you just enjoy the act of collecting, you might want to know when the newest releases are coming out on 4K UHD and Blu-ray. Below, you'll find a full rundown of release dates and buy links for all the upcoming home releases you're likely to be interested in. Please enjoy.

February has some classics coming out. Dazed and Confused is one of the greatest party movies of all time, and it's getting the 4K Criterion Collection treatment on the 21st. February is also when The Remains of the Day, one of the most beautifully devastating movies I've ever seen, is coming out on 4K UHD. It will ruin you. Check it out. Also, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever gets its physical release this month.


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