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Isaiah Kelly
Isaiah Kelly

Mendoza Love Druggie

Let's not compare this one to some obvious choice, rather give her a fresh welcome; OMG its Mendoza!Mendoza, it the name of this eclectic Danish musical talent. She also goes by the name Sandra Mendoza, a 22 year old emerging 90ese queen from the debts of Copenhagen's underground DJ scene. The multi talent is one of the main sources behind the creative blog; Slumblogmillionaire. Being apart of a successful DJ-duo Mendoza has luckily (for us) also chosen to do a solo project. With her latest single Love Druggie, the sexy beats, 90ese dance-pop sound and rave'ish style, will get you hooked and probably in love as well. Definitely one that will change the Danish music scene in 2014, with a highly anticipated debut album this fall. Have a listen to her first single, Love Druggie. Directed by Niels Kirk.Photo and Feature image by Marco Ponto.

Mendoza Love Druggie




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