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English Language Pack For Battlefield Hardline

The russian or polish version of Battlefield 4 is fully region free, however Origin only downloads the russian language packs by default. In order to make the game function in english, it's necessary to manually download the english language pack. CJS CD Keys has taken care to carefully create an easy-to-follow tutorial that describes the steps required to make your russian copy of the game function in English.

English Language Pack For Battlefield Hardline

Once you've activated the code, press 'install' or 'preload'. Origin will prompt you to select a language. At this point, only russian will be available. Don't worry! Just press 'Accept' to start downloading the game. We'll install the english language pack a little later.

This step is required in order to tell your game to play in your preferred language. It modifies the Battlefield 4 Registry settings, so that Battlefield 4 loads up the English language pack when launched.

Simply double click the Registry Fix to confirm the changes. It will modify the battlefield 4 settings key (in the windows registry), so that it points to the English language files that you just installed.


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