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Ilya Drozdov
Ilya Drozdov

Download Part 17 From Zippyshare [500 MB]

Zippyshare was listed as a notorious market by the Office of the United States Trade Representative in 2015, with the report writing that Zippyshare was "well-known for downloads and distribution of allegedly infringing music" and warning that the website had been known to install malware on users' computers.[4] Zippyshare was also noted in the Recording Industry Association of America's report to the Office of the United States Trade Representative in 2018, with the RIAA recommending Zippyshare be listed as a notorious market in that year as well, writing particularly that while the website respected takedown notices, there was no mechanic to prevent re-uploads of infringing content.[5]

Download part 17 from Zippyshare [500 MB]

"Zippyshare is reportedly hosted in France. Its revenues reportedly come from paid advertising, which targets millions of users from around the world, particularly from India, where the site has an Alexa ranking of 278." 041b061a72


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