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Buy Roses In Houston !!HOT!!

'Belinda's Blush' is a color sport of one of our favorite roses, 'Belinda's Dream'. Similar in size and growth habit, this rose offers fragrant, full blooms of a light, creamy pink that are excellent for cutting. Canes free of thorns are always appreciated.

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You might want to post your question to the Antique Rose Forum also. It seems they are more into David Austin English roses since they look more like 'antique' roses. You'll get lots of good information there.

You got the sun... you put in the good dirt with lots of amenities and raise the beds... you choose roses that love our spray, water and got it! I had an English garden in H for 40 yrs started with Hybrid Teas, Floribunda, Grandifloras, miniatures. Moved into D Austin's when they became available in US, added some antiques. The hardest part of creating the English look is the perennials, not the roses. Tropicals and roses are tough together if you want English look . Tropicals and roses mixed I found hard but many in Florida do it well. My talents did not extend to making the look work. I did have success mixing with ground orchids, crossandra, cat whiskers, bonus-many annual that look like the perennials don't freeze. With climbers or tall shrub roses on supports -alamanda henderson, and Sky Flower (the large pale blue one). I understand that many have good success with clematis in Houston but the others bloom continually all year.

Google the roses you like on this site but don't be taken in with a pretty flower. All roses are wonderful in spring. Your spring is so short that I often found my best rose garden months were in winter, more like others spring. I always had beautiful displays at Christmas. However, I lived inside the loop or in Memorial where it is warmer and freezes are very rare. When they happen it is short and the ground is still warm so roses aren't harmed. Those warmer temps is also why my perennials didn"t fare well.

Antique Rose Emporium is a great resource, like Rekha said. Many of us buy most of our roses there. David Austin roses sold directly mailorder is great too. Also, Roselee is right that you need to post this on the Antique Rose forum here too where most David Austin rose discussions occur.

We have a group of rose lovers in Houston in FB called "Growing roses in Houston Texas". We grow non-DA roses as well. We are not experts though, many of us started last year and we enjoy learning and sharing how each variety does in our area as we grow and go.

Good idea to contact local rose lovers; every climate is different. My advice would be, however, to NOT limit yourself to DA roses. In Houston I bet that Teas, Noisettes, and Chinas could do splendidly,would be very healthy, floriferous, and MUCH less greedy about water and fert than Austins.

So glad to hear this,Sumera. DAs tend to be over-rated, and it's a crying shame to see people in warm climates that are just starting out with roses being seduced by the aggressive marketing of the DA company,overlooking roses that,as you yourself are noticing,just are better plants, at least for warmer climates. Chapeau!!!

I agree with Stephanie's recommendation of a mix. I have had the same results regarding growth and dormancy with Austin and tea roses here in Houston that Stephanie reports in Los Angeles. I do get some tea rose blossoms in the summer- probably due to Houston's higher humidity and rainfall - although usually they tend to be smaller.

By the same token, my Austin roses sailed through last month's polar vortex, many with little die back at all. My tea roses were some of my hardest hit roses by the unusual cold, and several of them had to be cut back to less than a foot tall. I believe this is directly related to whether they were dormant (Austin) or actively growing and blooming (tea roses). 041b061a72


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