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Buy Puzzles REPACK

Our online store showcases an enormous selection of Jigsaw Puzzles for adults and kids. We also carry a variety of accessories, including puzzles mats, puzzle glue, puzzle sorters and so much more- great for hours for adult or family fun. We have thousands of incredible products coming from manufacturers, from all over the world. Jigsaw Jungle has something for everyone and ships to just about anywhere.

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We have super assortment of jigsaw puzzles for kids, an amazing amount of puzzles for adults, including a huge collection of 1000 piece puzzles and again, the best jigsaw puzzle brands to choose from. Find all of your favorite puzzles today, and buy jigsaw puzzles online right here at Jigsaw Jungle International Inc.

Did you know that Calendar Club Canada is the largest provider of calendars and puzzles in Canada? We're also an industry leader in games and toys, and recognized as the largest seasonal retailer in Canada.

Active Puzzles products are totally different from the normal puzzles known to all. All of our adult jigsaw wooden puzzles are laser cut by our specialists and produced from sustainably sourced birch wood, providing excellent durability and image quality on wood.

We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment while providing you with an artistic and entertaining product. The shrinkwrap for this box is recyclable. We use recycled chipboard for all of our boxes and puzzles. Our printing is done with soy inks, making this puzzle recyclable and biodegradable.

Jigsaw Store is home to one of the best selections of jigsaw puzzles online. We have something for every age and skill level with jigsaw puzzles ranging from 2 pieces all the way up to 40,320 pieces. We stock major brands including Ravensburger, Heye, Jumbo, Eurographics, Clementoni, Holdson, Blue Opal, Educa, Gibsons, Melissa and Doug, Djeco, eeBoo, and Mudpuppy. We offer fast shipping Australia wide from just $9.95 per order. We also offer an order pick up option from our office at Ultimo for customers located in Sydney

Our 2022 Fall Sale began on October 28 and ended at 9 pm, EST, November 6, 2022. If you signed up or emailed us to receive notification, or been notified and participated in past sales, you should have been notified on October 29. If you have any doubts, just email us so we can recheck our mailing list. All puzzles were sold with all but 4 going by overbids of the list price. Payment for and shipping out the puzzles is finished, and I have return to restoring another batch for next Fall's sale.

If you would like to receive notice of my sale lists in the future, please email me at indicating your interest. However, I will eventually need your mailing address in the event you should participate and win puzzles. My principal way of selling our extra puzzles is by an annual Fall sale conducted on my website with bidding via emails and telephone calls. I don't sell between sales as that is when I am "building inventory" by buying and restoring them.

With a few exceptions, all puzzles needing work have been restored by me. This includes making replacement pieces which, depending upon their location, usually meet the test of "you really have to hunt to find it". I also repair all broken/split/missing knobs which I can find, and any missing/damaged paper and wood, so that the completed puzzle "looks really good". These repairs actually take longer than replacing missing pieces for most puzzles and probably account for why the puzzles are in such demand. If you purchase a puzzle and are not satisfied, contact me and we will work it out (you can also get your money back with return of the puzzles). Wherever possible, I also repair and rebuild boxes using archival materials and techniques so that they can safely store the puzzles but still show their age. And I line many of the boxes with archival tissue paper to guard against future discoloration of pieces, especially the Pastime boxes.

Badge Bomb puzzles are 500 pieces, made with 100% recycled gray board, printed with vegetable inks, and hand-illustrated by Badge Bomb artists like Allison Cole, Gemma Correll, Kate Sutton, and Andrea Kang.

UGEARS models and 3D puzzles make the beautiful world of mechanics more comprehensible. You will be able to touch every piece, every gear cog, and discover first-hand the workings of simple machines. Experience the thrill of self-propelled mechanical action that doesn't come from an electric socket or battery. Take a voyage to a previous century, to an age of elegant machines, fine detail and old-world craftsmanship, and rediscover the pleasure of understanding how things work.

From the Popeye series of 1975 to the latest U.S.A. releases, from the small puzzles of 10 pieces to the very large puzzles of 5000 pieces, on jvh-puzzels you can find images of every puzzle Jan ever made.

Puzzles bring families and friends together in a creative way to accomplish a common goal. At Mary Maxim we want make that experience easy for everyone, by offering a wide variety of jigsaw puzzles at affordable prices! Choose from many different themes such as animals, nature scenes, and puzzles for every season and holiday. We offer everything from adult 1000 piece puzzles to large piece puzzles for kids. 041b061a72


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