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Isaiah Kelly
Isaiah Kelly

All Ladies Do It _HOT_

Famed Italian film director Tinto Brass brought a touch of class to his celebration of ass called All Ladies Do It (1992). See, this masterful, erotic celebration of a rear-view obsession is actually a loose adaptation of Mozart's late 1700's opera Cosi fan tutte. He just changed it a little for fans of great tushies! In the film, the pale vision Claudia Koll is Diana, a wife who wanders from bed to bed collecting anecdotal details that she uses to spur her husband to passionate heights. But the dude's a dunce. He thinks his wife is just telling stories about her dirtiest fantasies, not her day to day life. Eventually he figures it out, but all that means is that Paula is free to have even more sex with whomever she pleases. Sucks for the cuck, but it's great for movie watchers! When it comes to getting naked in this movie, pretty much all the ladies do indeed do it. Ornella Marcucci is Nadia, Diana's just as dirty sister who we get to see going full frontal while showering off at the gym. Isabella Deiana is Antonietta, Diana's lesbian friend who we wish became more than a friend to her. However, we only get to see her stripped down by a dude before he kisses her all over the keister. But with all due respect to her elite teets, which we do get to see a few times, this one was all about showcasing Claudia's ass. Watch as a man takes her panties off, bends her over and plays with both her back burger and her bum hole. It happens again when she checks out her bare buns in the mirror, and with an insane close up of her bush as she moves it towards a man's face. Bravo, Claudia! With all that ass, All Ladies Do It makes all dude spew it!

All Ladies Do It

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But there is one particular challenge that we all face. We have talked about prevention. We have talked about the need to invest in the children. But ladies and gentlemen, there is a category of people that we must address if we're going to make the court system work. It makes no sense to send somebody to prison for an armed robbery and have them come out in four years with appropriate penalties having been served but without the problem being addressed, come back to the apartment over in Hargrove Park where they got in trouble in the first place, no job, no GED, and guess what. They are going to be doing it again.

I talked about gun legislation. That still has to be done. And I thank Mr. Anderson for his leadership in this area. But ladies and gentlemen, crime is now down seven years in a row. We cannot become complacent. We can reduce violence. We can end the culture of violence in this country if lawyers will use their common sense, their dedication, their advocacy to make a difference. If we will give the courts the tools to do the job, we can make a difference.

3.00pm: The concept of ladies day at the Breeders' Cup is still settling down, and it does not really help that two of the greatest racemares of all time are running at this year's meeting, but on the Saturday card. Ladies Friday is a fair idea in theory, as it is much more unusual for the sexes to take each other on over here, but it is still a work in progress.

A total of 15 Gators will be on the track and in the field on through the span of USA Outdoors and USA Juniors at Hayward Field June 25-28: Ciarra Brewer, Lloydricia Cameron, Kyra Jefferson, Darrielle McQueen, Fawn Miller, Bridgette Owens, Lauren Perry and Robin Reynolds for the ladies, KeAndre Bates, Marquis Dendy, Dedric Dukes, Eric Futch, Najee Glass, AJ McFarland and Mark Parrish on the men's side. 041b061a72


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