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Henry Mikheev
Henry Mikheev

The War On The West - Douglas Murrayepub

'Murray shows not just how every aspect of western society has come under the iconoclasts' gaze - from mathematics to music, Kew Gardens to Jane Austen - but how flimsy their case often is.' - The Sunday Times 'Murray writes with wonderful lucidity about the many fronts on which the West is waging war against itself. And he writes with a sense of urgency.' - Real Clear Politics 'Well executed... a spirited defence against the Left's assault on the Western tradition.' - The Daily Telegraph 'The War on the West is a monumental book leading to several pivotal realisations.' - Lotus Eaters 'Meticulous, measured... The War on the West is Douglas Murray's latest blast against loony left wokery.' - The Spectator Praise for Douglas Murray and The Madness of Crowds 'Whether one agrees with him or not, Douglas Murray is one of the most important public intellectuals today.' - Bernard-Henry Levy 'This is an author who specialises in expressing what everyone sort of knows already and is afraid to say...Well argued, well supported, and well observed.' - Lionel Shriver 'Simply brilliant. Reading it to the end, I felt as though I'd just drawn my first full breath in years. At a moment of collective madness, there is nothing more refreshing - or indeed, provocative - than sanity.' - Sam Harris 'His latest book is beyond brilliant and should be read, must be read, by everyone. He mercilessly exposes the hypocrisy and embarrassingly blatant contradictions that run rife through the current 'woke' vouge.' - Richard Dawkins 'Douglas Murray fights the good fight for freedom of speech... A truthful look at today's most divisive issues.' - Jordan B. Peterson 'Extraordinary. Magnificent. Searing. Necessary. I salute il miglior fabbro. 'And whether they listen or fail to listen... they will know that the prophet has been among them' (Ezekiel 2:5)' - Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

The War on the West - Douglas Murrayepub

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