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White Fang Jack LONDON

A spasm of fear went through him. He reached hastily for a brand to throw ather. But even as he reached, and before his fingers had closed on the missile,she sprang back into safety; and he knew that she was used to having thingsthrown at her. She had snarled as she sprang away, baring her white fangs totheir roots, all her wistfulness vanishing, being replaced by a carnivorousmalignity that made him shudder. He glanced at the hand that held the brand,noticing the cunning delicacy of the fingers that gripped it, how they adjustedthemselves to all the inequalities of the surface, curling over and under andabout the rough wood, and one little finger, too close to the burning portionof the brand, sensitively and automatically writhing back from the hurtful heatto a cooler gripping-place; and in the same instant he seemed to see a visionof those same sensitive and delicate fingers being crushed and torn by thewhite teeth of the she-wolf. Never had he been so fond of this body of his asnow when his tenure of it was so precarious.

White Fang Jack LONDON

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As White Fang watched Weedon Scott approach, he bristled and snarled toadvertise that he would not submit to punishment. Twenty-four hours had passedsince he had slashed open the hand that was now bandaged and held up by a slingto keep the blood out of it. In the past White Fang had experienced delayedpunishments, and he apprehended that such a one was about to befall him. Howcould it be otherwise? He had committed what was to him sacrilege, sunk hisfangs into the holy flesh of a god, and of a white-skinned superior god atthat. In the nature of things, and of intercourse with gods, something terribleawaited him.

The sulong form is a power that the minks only have access to; And it can only occur during a full moon. But his sulong form is where the mink is the most notorious for and brings the hearts of men, women, and children fear this wolf. His sulong form doubles his original size, making him tall as 42' 8". His grey fur turns a perfect white and his red eyes become an even bloodier red within transformation. His fangs grow even sharper and longer when he grows into sulong. His skin becomes stronger than solid steel some say. This very demonic look and fierceness has received him the title of White Fang.

Blood was all over fang as he howled below the moon as he had just eliminated nearly the whole entire town! People saw the image of the pure white fur that had red blood covering it. They also remember the large,White Fangs that Fang had. After Fang had ran into the woods as the local police and marines were running after him. The local citizens didn't know who Fang was in his sulong form,so they had simply given him the nickname,White Fang. 041b061a72


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