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Download Ember Knights V0.7.1 Online [PORTABLE]

David REVOY Author, 01 november 2016, 11:13 - Reply Hey Chalo! Ha, yes, sometime the 'bundle' links are not easy to download. Some web-browser tries to 'read' the bundle as a webpage or redirect it.Right-click and "save-as" is the solution, yes. No problem for your three messages, the comment system on my blog is around for that :)

Download Ember Knights v0.7.1 Online

Siegfried 22 november 2016, 04:52 - Reply Technology is not my strong suit, I downloaded your file, it is a .zip file. I can't open it in Krita because it isn't a BUNDLE file. Is there any way I can convert it to a BUNDLE file or do something to open the brush pack?

Beka 26 november 2016, 19:24 - Reply I can't download the bundle :( the link just opens a page with lots of strange symbols.I still have an old brush set of yours, so its not that bad, but I would have liked to have this one, there are some pretty usefull looking new ones in there.

Kacper 09 december 2016, 20:56 - Reply Wtf, how do I download this? I downloaded the zip file from the site you linked and when I tried importing into krita, it didn't work. It just opened the folder, and then I tried importing the folders inside the main folder, it just opened them, pls help.

Tauka 24 december 2016, 11:46 - Reply Hello, David, enormous, big, fat thanks for your sharing! However, I do not have opportunity to download it, the website seems down. Hope you make it work, good luckP.S. Pepper&Carrot looks amazing

Roo 26 november 2019, 10:49 - Reply Hey, I tried to download the bundle, but whenever I click "ok" after I put it in the resource window, it says "Bundle "deevad-v8-2" doesn't exist!". Am I doing something wrong? 041b061a72


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