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Krystopia A Puzzle Journey [BETTER]

Krystopia is split into four chapters, each one self-contained. Progress is tracked as a percentage as well as the found vs. available items. While you need to overcome all the puzzles in each chapter to progress, you can finish with fewer than all the available data crystals and relics, and therefore a less than 100% score. You can revisit any chapter, but this is not necessary to complete the game. In my playthrough, I felt compelled to go back through any chapter that still had items remaining to get a perfect score, as I wanted to make sure I did not miss any key story elements. There are Steam achievements for finding all the data crystals and relics, but no extra goodies in-game.

Krystopia A Puzzle Journey

if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined')ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'adventuregamers_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',110,'0','0']);__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-adventuregamers_com-banner-1-0');As you progress, you will see footprints on the ground that help with navigation, particularly later in the game when more scenes become available in each level and it is easy to forget which doors you have already opened and where they are. Although there is no change in the cursor to indicate a hotspot, nor is there a hotspot highlight feature, it is usually obvious where to focus within the current level to uncover a puzzle or discover a hidden item location. To do this, you simply click on an area of interest and the camera will zoom in if it is an active spot.

The main puzzles can become as difficult as they are inventive. One laser obstacle requires no less than fifteen moves to activate and rotate the various elements in the correct order. Some puzzles of this complexity offer a hint via a question mark in the top right corner, but this just shows the completed state so I did not find it very helpful. I had to resort to a walkthrough to solve the most complicated puzzle, even with the hint provided. Still, while I had lots of fun working my way through the chapters and I appreciated the challenge, a certain sameness to so many of them increasingly diminished their enjoyment.

The full screen is used whenever you enter an interior area, comprising lounges, computer workstations, a kitchen, bar, and more. Animations are sparse but used effectively, especially when you solve a puzzle and activate something, such as a tower rising from the ground or a turret spinning above the terrain. Once you have unlocked a door, a slick animation shows Nova walking through and arriving at the next location. I found this a nice touch, as opposed to a basic transition or load screen leading to the new level. This occurs throughout the game and never gets old.

Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey will keep you busy largely solving laser-redirection and pattern-matching puzzles on an intriguing alien planet, but fatigue may eventually set in when facing the same mechanics over and over again.

Zoom in on the left hexagon puzzle. Click on the yellow segments to turn them blue so that they match the white pattern drawn beneath. Back out and zoom in on the right puzzle. Rotate the two bottom segments to make a complete square, then raise the yellow rectangle to the top. Back out and go through the opened gate.

Find a white pattern to the lower left, then zoom in on the right hexagon puzzle and match this pattern. Back out and notice a picture up high on the left tower. Zoom in on the left puzzle. Slide open the bottom panel here to find a data krystal (1/5). Now move all of the sliders in the puzzle down, then raise the right one up (to match the picture). Back out and go through the opened gate.

Grab the data krystal (2/5) from the right, and the relic (1/4) from the middle of the level. Zoom in on the lower right hexagon puzzle and notice there is a symbol of a mask above it. Examine the mask relic in your inventory to see a white pattern on the back. Adjust the hexagon puzzle to match this, and the puzzle will open. Take the glowing blue rod from inside, then back out.

There are other white symbols to be found near the top of a tall pillar to the right, and on the top of a barrel to the left. Examine the E-shaped puzzle above the niche you just explored. You need to slide the markers around so the mask is at the top, the pillar in the middle, and the barrel at the bottom, so they are positioned on their matching symbols. Take another glowing blue rod.

Zoom in on the right puzzle. You need to spin the bottom laser to charge up the 2 crystals, then aim the laser straight upwards. Now slide both yellow pieces into position almost simultaneously (relic 2/4). Break some more pots if you need, then go through the dark passage on the left.

Back out and zoom in on the top puzzle. Working from the bottom left, spin the disc on the left to shine the light upwards, then slide the angled mirror to the top, then slide the golden guide on the right to the middle. Pick up the glowing blue rod that is revealed. Back out, then go back through the dark passage.

Examine the puzzle on the left. Drag the source to the bottom and line up the yellow connectors to fully charge the movable crystal. Now bring this slightly down to charge the next crystal. Finally slide up the bottom yellow connector to complete the circuit.

Back out and examine the larger puzzle above. Turn the top left mirror so that it charges the bottom left crystal. Slide both smaller mirrors right up to charge the other crystal. Now turn the laser to point to the right and get power to the receptor at the top. This reveals a second puzzle, where you just need to slide the tiles around to complete a circuit. Pick up another glowing blue rod where you are successful.

Collect a data krystal (4/5) from the ground on the left, and a relic (4/5) from the ground on the right. Now examine the puzzle on the central device. You need to charge all 3 crystals on the right using the laser source on the left, by depressing the various blocking buttons across the middle. Doing so will reveal another puzzle below. On this one you need to depress buttons to enable a laser in the middle to shoot upwards. Return to the first puzzle and unblock the path of the vertical laser so it reaches the top and activates the massive crystal. Take another keycard and glowing blue rod, then backtrack again.

Pick up the final data krystal (5/5) from the high ledge. Now examine the puzzle in the middle of the area. Slide the bottom yellow tile to the left to raise the left platform higher. Now depress the buttons to allow the far right crystal to fully charge. You can now look to the right and collect the final relic (5/5).

Examine the small puzzle. There is a countdown timer on the left, and a display on the right which indicates the button that is about to be depressed. Move the slider in line with this symbol and you will gradually charge the right receiver. Once it is fully charged, head through the next door.

Grab a relic (4/4) from the middle wooden platform. Look just up to the right and break some pots to reveal another data krystal (2/6). Now look at the laser puzzle to the top right. Slide the top yellow slider to the right, and the bottom slider to the left. Now angle the laser so that it hits the top sliding mirror, then the middle mirror, the right sliding mirror, the bottom central mirror, and finally the receiver in the top right.

Find a data krystal (3/6) on a rocky ledge to the right of the water wheel. Break some pots on another ledge to the right, and pick up an electronic device showing a pattern and the code 7539. Next look at the puzzle on the left. Press the top right button to close the central connectors. Spin the main disc by using the slider at the top, and charge up all 3 crystals. Now press the top right button again and drag the slider all the way to the right.

Look at the next puzzle. Drag the left mirror down to hit the left crystal. Drag the right mirror down to hit the left crystal as well, and it will charge up. Drag the left mirror up to hit the right crystal. Drag the right mirror up to hit the right crystal as well, and it will charge up as the left one loses its charge. Now drag the middle mirror up, then the right mirror down so you can charge up the receiver.

Examine the puzzle on the right. Use the yellow slider to spin the main disc in the middle. Point the energy source to the right, and move the yellow connector right to open a hidden panel with a white pattern. Copy this on to the hexagon at the bottom right, and a new laser source will be revealed. Aim this to the receiver at the bottom right, then point the top laser straight down. Spin the disc to charge up the crystal from the top laser, then spin the disc almost all the way left, so both the permanent source and the crystal are connected to outputs. Finally move the yellow connector left, and the top laser will hit the central receiver.

Back out and examine the puzzle on the left. This time there is a countdown timer with two symbols. Slide the left connector to line up with the first symbol, and turn the laser to point at the second symbol, and you will gradually charge the right receiver.

Grab a data krystal (1/4) from the top section next to a small computer screen, then search the reading niche on the left to find a relic (2/5). Now look at the television screen high on the right. Drag the laser source down to the bottom, then follow the laser to a puzzle at the far right. Press combinations of buttons to make them all depressed so the energy gets to the receiver at the bottom right. Back out and look in the glowing niche, then pull the yellow panel down and take the glowing blue rod.

Look in the reading niche to the bottom left to find the next data krystal (2/4), and in the niche to the top left to find another relic (3/5). Look at the television screen high on the right. Drag the big slider on the side up, then go around to the front of the screen. Drag the laser source down to the bottom, then follow the laser to a puzzle at the far right. When the middle crystal here is fully charged, turn the bottom laser to point straight up, then return to the television screen. Drag the laser source up to the top, then return to the puzzle. Depress the yellow button, then press it again to raise it, and the top right receiver should fully charge, opening a large panel at the top of the stairs below. 041b061a72


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