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Where To Buy Traverse Rods

If you want to manage your curtains and drapes with more ease, then you should consider traverse curtain rods. Traverse curtain rods are some of the simplest and most functional curtain rods on the market today. It is true that decorative traverse rods have been around for some time now, but they remain popular for their versatility.

where to buy traverse rods

Decorative traverse curtain rods are available in two different types. Some traverse drapery rods are made to be adjustable, which means they can be altered during installation to fit your needs. However, more precision is available if you pick customized options. These traverse drapery rods are tailored to your specific sizing requests.

Traverse drapery rods that adjust come with all the hardware needed for installation on a wall or ceiling. Options for both adjustable and custom rods are available in wood or metal, and these rods can easily support heavier draperies as needed. As you peruse this selection, think carefully about the size of your window and the weight of your draperies. This can help you determine the right curtain rods for your project.

We spoke with interior designer Whitney Jones, of Whitney J Decor to get the scoop on the best places to buy curtain rods and tips on what to look for while shopping. While expensive rods don't necessarily ensure great quality, Jones recommends avoiding super cheap rods as they are often made of low-quality materials and can be easily bent or broken. "My recommendation would be a high-quality metal rod, but wood rods are great too," Jones said. Overall, Jones suggests that shoppers pick a sturdy rod and stick with the same design throughout their home.

Jones says Bed Bath & Beyond's high-quality options, large color selection, and affordable prices are the reason she continues to pick the retailer's curtain rods for her designs. "I've been using the same curtain rods from Bed Bath and Beyond since 2013," said Jones. "I never buy any other curtain rod, I just change the colors."

As for its selection, those that are looking for longer curtain rods are likely to find several options they like while shopping, as the retailer offers rods as long as 170 inches. Its many finishes don't disappoint either, with heavy-duty steel, bronze, brass, and other metal rods available.

The majority of Lowe's curtain rods are made of durable steel which is great for those looking to hang heavy curtains. The retailer also offers curtain rods in multi-packs of two to four rods, which can come in handy if you're looking to outfit multiple rooms.

For curtain rods, Target offers multiple colors, finishes, and length options. The selection also includes exclusives that are only available at Target, as well as affordable, unique rods. Many of the rods sold on the site offer bold finial designs that'll add small elements of decor into your space.

West Elm's curtain rod selection includes rods made of unique and sturdy materials such as wood and carbon brass. With mid-century and antique design influences, each rod will bring different vintage elements into your space.

According to Jones, a quality rod will not bend, even when it's holding up heavier curtains. Look for durable materials like steel and brass, as well as solid wood. Cheaper metals and plastic should be avoided if you want your curtain rods to last a long time.

Custom curtain rods, while great for adding a unique decorative element to your space, are not typically necessary. Jones usually uses pre-measured rods in her designs, but recommends going the custom route if you have exceptionally large windows that don't fit most curtain rods sold in stores.

If you need to hang long or heavy drapes, you can increase the strength of your curtain rod or traverse rod by ordering a telescoping rod with a minimum width near your window size.For instance, for a 48" window, order a telescoping rod that fits a 48" to 84" window and you'll double-up the rod thickness making for a studier rod.

Our nifty curtain rods allow panel curtains to span any length and they can even go around corners. We offer many choices of curtain hooks and rings, and finials, to complete the look. The hardware may be simple, but the possibilities are almost endless.

Select Traverse Rods are available in both the Wood and Metal Collections and feature heavy-duty tracks that are constructed with wheeled carriers which allow for a smooth operation for all drapery treatments. Select Traverse Rods offer the beauty of full round poles with the functionality of a traverse rod.

All our drapery hardware collections offer a complete assortment of drapery hardware pieces allowing you to buy exactly what you need. You have the option of purchasing a single product, couple products, few products, or a complete drapery hardware set including curtain rods, finials, brackets, elbows, curtain rings, holdbacks, rod connectors and more - You are the designer.

Our curtain rods and drapery hardware prices are some of the lowest in the industry considering the quality of our products.Plus we offer FREE SHIPPING when you purchase over $250 worth of drapery hardware on our site.

Traverse rods get their name from the draperies that travel across the rod via a pulley or wand, depending upon the rod's hardware setup. Some traverse rod hardware operates via a side draw, while others use a center draw. The plastic ring hangers fit into a slot opening at the back of the rod. An S-shaped pin attaches to the pleats in your drapes with its hook end through the small hole in the hanger. Because the plastic hangers bear the weight of the drapes, they can break or wear out with age, use and sun damage. The hangers are inexpensive to purchase and easy to install. In just a few minutes' time, you can replace the hangers and get your traverse rods and draperies functional again.

Detach the drape panels from the corner bracket to expose the traverse hardware on the side with the broken hangers. Continue removing the drape around the corner of the bracket by lifting the S-shaped hooks from the hardware and the small hangers.

Press down on the tab on the pulley housing located on either side of the traverse rod if it is a center draw, or one side if it is a single draw. This unlocks the rod so you can easily slide the ring hangers off the rod. Slide the hanger over the housing and lift it out through the hole provided.

I have 2 windows that require a corner rod and I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond. I am not sure if they still carry them since they seem to be going out of business but if they have them I am sure you can find them elsewhere!

Personally, I prefer curtain tracks or rods close to the top of the window. I think it looks strange further up the wall. If I match my track to the window frame, then it becomes invisible, and there is no track distracting from the wallpaper or paint behind it. The first photo on this post with the dark hardware cutting across the wallpaper design would really bug me!

The article on curtain rods is a fantastic resource for those seeking to improve the style and practicality of their window coverings. The author offers precise guidelines on selecting the appropriate size and hanging the rods accurately, which I found helpful. This is a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their home decor.

Curtain rods are the base of the curtain hardware, and the main source of support for the drapes themselves. Sturdiness is a vital quality to consider when choosing, especially when hanging a heavier fabric. Finials are on the ends of the rods and can range from a simple knob to a whimsical decoration like a bird or flower and are an easy way to make a decor statement in the room. As for rod material, don't be afraid to mix and match by room. The whole house doesn't need to be uniform. Matte nickel may look best in your bathroom, while the living room needs the sophistication of antiqued brass.

When it comes to styling curtains, single curtain rods help you style your window panels in any configuration. With a mounted curtain rod, hang your curtain panels with the use of curtain clip rings, curtain rod brackets, curtain holdbacks or other curtain hardware to stay in place. Single curtain rods work best with a pair of window treatments in either medium to light weight. Also, keep in mind what materials or colors work best with your style. For color, choose either white or black curtain rods to match your mid-century modern furniture. When it comes to materials, such as wood, glass and metal curtain rods, choose one that best coordinates with your existing home decor.

When it comes to styling multiple curtains, double curtain rods are great picks for curtain hardware. Not only does it allow for designing your dream space, a double drapery rod helps you add layers and depth to your window treatments. Layering offers added functionality - think sheer curtains atop of thicker cotton curtains for privacy and warmth at night. Or, if a multicolored style is what you're after, think white curtains paired with navy blue curtains for a subtle and whimsical combination.

Curtain rods can either frame a room or they can be made to visually disappear. Generally speaking, they should be chosen with contrast in mind. Think of your curtain rods like eyeliner: they are there to frame the room and give it depth, but not to command all the attention for themselves.

Good post as usual Maria. I like that the rods are hung higher now. It certainly gives the room more height if the ceilings are 8 or 9 feet. I use to think that it left too much space between the window casing and the ceiling but now it seems to look normal. Also I have painted wooden rods the same color as the wall to make them disappear. It works in some cases.

Excellent article, Maria. As a hobby sewer who does most of my own window coverings I do have to agree with those who feel that a curtain rod dimension should be in scale with the type of fabric being used (weave, weight and nap) and shall also add that their overall style (fullness/heading) should also be taken into consideration when choosing a rod. For example; in my Solarium I use clear small inside mounted rods to accommodate flat panel, pocket heading gauze-like curtains; mounted from the window sill and half way up to accommodate (seated) privacy but lets the sun shine in as well. That said; they really do not have a colour but in other areas of the house the type, colour/finish and diameter of rods do vary and are in accordance to the pointS I made above.-Brenda- 041b061a72


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