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Henry Mikheev
Henry Mikheev

School Of Natural Healing Book Pdf 'LINK'

Healing Mountain School of Massage has been a leader among massage schools for the past twenty years. Healing Mountain embodies the way of the compassionate spirit in that we believe an individual deserves a space to heal. We believe in facilitating growth through creative expression in a healing community & in the opportunity to live with passion while your work reflects your spirit.

School Of Natural Healing Book Pdf

Hanna Kroeger is a recognized icon in natural healing worldwide. Throughout her years, Hanna affected thousands of people with her cheerful disposition and her accomplishments in the field of natural health care.

As a young woman, she attended nursing school at the University of Freiburg in Germany. Later, she assisted at a large hospital in Dresden which primarily used natural healing methods. It was in hospital that she began to discover many amazing ways to restore health using herbs.


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