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Ivan Fadeev
Ivan Fadeev

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A child of Hollywood and its strangely intersectional cultural landscape (her godfather was Igor Stravinsky), Babitz was first noticed in 1963, while in her early 20s, as the subject of a famous photograph, appearing nude while playing chess with the fully-clothed French artist Marcel Duchamp. (Her face was not visible, but her breasts certainly were.) She designed album covers for Atlantic Records, for Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds and Linda Ronstadt; hobnobbed with the rich and famous (introducing Salvador Dali to Frank Zappa); and dated a stream of celebrities (she convinced boyfriend Steve Martin to wear a white suit for his comedy act). And she wrote navel-gazing tell-alls with a disarming lack of pretension or self-censorship, contributing to such publications as Rolling Stone and Vogue.

Empire Of The Sun, Walking On A Dream Full Album Zip

Why is a wrongfully jailed convict any better than drowned people in hyper-capitalist Haiti or our military's counter-revolutionary bombing victims in Opiumstan? These problems are all of a piece and will only be solved when empire and elitist faschism are pulled down. Luckily for your cause Doug, they usually bust down the Bastille gates the first day. Let's hope it will all go peacefully.


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